Build One Portsmouth lasted through the summer of 2018.

Research & Analysis

Analysis of the data and information was completed, including an evaluation of existing conditions, forecasted population, housing, and employment trends. Goals and objectives of the current plan were also evaluated.

Planning Framework

The structure and themes for the development of the Plan Update were established. This was strongly based on the Key Findings generated during Research and Analysis. Participation from the public was critical in this phase to help affirm and develop the vision for the city, create guiding principles, and identify both geographic and thematic priorities.

Draft Plan Recommendations

The images, graphics, and maps for the Plan were written and created. This phase was dedicated to the preparation of the Plan document to provide actionable recommendations. The document was designed to be concise, interactive, and user-friendly to illustrate preferred concepts.

Plan Completion

  1. Conduct the public and official review of the Plan
  2. Collect comments
  3. Make edits and revisions based on the direction of:
    1. Council
    2. Planning commission
    3. Staff
  4. Prepare the final Plan documents
Calendar of Steps: Research and Analysis - Planning Framework - Drafting - Plan Review, and Adoption